Quality Metal Stamping And Deep Drawing Since 1919


90 years Providing Quality Custom Metal Stamping Services
and Deep Drawn Stamped Products To Business and OEMs.


Our stainless steel beverage parts can be found in beverage dispensing systems,
trays and tanks around the world


Belmet Products supplies deep drawn and stamped metal parts to the aerospace industry.
A major aerospace contractor uses our drawn tanks in fire suppression systems.


From the smallest lamp base to heavy store fixtures,
our complete line of metal bases are used where stability and ruggedness are needed.


We supply aftermarket companies with oil filter containers,
oil pans, headlight frames and other parts.


Belmet Products supplies defense contractors with deep drawn boxes,
covers, pans and tanks that are used on U.S. Navy ships.

Metal Stamping Products

Aluminum Stamping...

We manufacture many parts in aluminum with both drawn and flat stamping processes. Aluminum is frequently used in aerospace, automotive and other applications where lightweight and high strength are important. Untreated aluminum offers excellent corrosion resistance and anodizing will increase the corrosion resistance.
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Brass Stamping...

Brass is well suited to stamping and deep draw because of the malleability and color appearance of a finished part. Brass has been used in maritime applications for centuries and we continue to make many brass parts for U.S. Navy ships.
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Copper Stamping...

Belmet’s experience in copper stamping extends to our sister company, Victor Specialties, the greatest single source for electrical clamps, straps and hangers. Copper is used for corrosion resistance and the ability to conduct electricity and heat. Copper is a soft metal making it well suited to stamping and deep drawing.
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Custom Metal Products...

We understand your project may have unique requirements in terms of schedule, material, tolerances or application. Our years of experience providing solutions to hundreds of different clients gives us the knowledge and expertise to tackle the most difficult stamping and deep draw projects.
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Deep Draw Stamping...

We understand your project may have unique requirements in terms of schedule, material, tolerances or application. Our years of experience providing solutions to hundreds of different clients gives us the knowledge and expertise to tackle the most difficult stamping and deep draw projects.
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Stainless Steel Stamping...

With exceptional corrosion and oxidation resistance, stainless steel is used when the part is in constant contact with liquids or exposed to harsh elements. Stainless steel is used extensively in the beverage and food processing industries and we are a supplier to those industries. We have specialized in stainless.
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About us

Belmet Products has been a reliable and trusted source for stamped metal and deep drawn parts for over eighty years. Our approach is to fully understand your project and application then design and build the right tools and manufacturing process to deliver exactly what you need. Delivering a quality product on time has been the formula for our success since 1919 and we welcome the opportunity to be part of your success.

Belmet serves the needs of Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) in a broad range of industrial and consumer metal stamped products including aerospace, beverage, defense, audio and aftermarket automotive. We also have a complete line of metal bases used by the sign, point of purchase and display industries.

Metal Stamping Services

At Belmet Products your project is as important to us and it is to you and we work to exceed your expectations from the first contact you have with us.

Our wide range of equipment, in house tooling, top tier customer service and sales support allow us to quickly produce stamped or deep drawn parts in aluminum, cold rolled steel, stainless steel, copper, brass, bronze and other metals. Parts we produce in house can be plated or powder coated. Finishing operations include tapping (we tap over 20MM holes per year), welding and polishing.

Display Bases and Metal Discs

Heavy Gage Disc...

Heavy gauge round discs are used in applications where stability is a priority. Commonly used as bases for signs, POP, and retail displays. Available in multiple sizes and gauges.
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Rounded Flange Steel Display Bases...

Our Rounded Flanged Steel Display Bases And Discs Are Used In Signs, Product Displays, POP, Mannequins And Other Retail Applications. Sizes From 18 to 24" and available in various heavy gauge steel.
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Flanged Bases...

Our Flanged Steel Display Bases And Discs Are used For Signs, Product Displays, POP, Mannequins And Other Retail Applications. Made in 20 inch Square Diameter in Heavy 12 Gauge Steel.
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Curved Display Bases...

Our Curved Steel Display Bases And Discs Are a Round Base WIth A Sloping Side That Tapers To A Flat Top. They Are Available In Sizes From 4" to 18" Diameter In Multiple Gauges.
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Square Display Bases...

Our Square Steel Display Bases And Discs Are Used For Signs, Product Displays, Store Fixtures, Lamps And Theatrical Lighting. Options Include Custom Hole Patterns And Wiring Options
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Flat Bases...

Our Flat Steel Display Bases Are Commonly Used For Signs, Product Displays, Store Fixtures, Mannequins And Other Retail Applications. Diameters from 4" to 12" in a variety of gauges and materials
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About Us

Quality, Delivery And Savings

Materials, equipment, experience… but true quality doesn’t stop there. As in all industries, the final product is made by people. At Belmet we have experienced professionals… expert Heavy Duty Cushion Press Craftsmen every step of the way to ensure you of the finest Precision Metal Stamping available anywhere. We’re big enough to serve the largest manufacturer…and small enough to attend to every individual need. Everything from initial engineering and tool designing… through value analysis… right up to the final product.

Delivering on time custom metal products

We deliver Precision Metal Stamping services on the promised date. Period! (It’s our impeccable reputation that’s on the line on every job we run.) This reliability is your assurance of a trouble-free-delivered job…every job!

Cost effective metal stamped products

Our modern facilities, sophisticated engineering capabilities and constant concern of pioneering new and better ways of manufacturing, translates into bona fide savings for you. This is why our quotations for Precision Metal Stamping are consistently more competitive.

Give us a call or fill out the contact form on the page for more information on your Deep Draw Stamping needs.

Precision Metal Stamping Capabilities

  • CAD and Logopress Design Tools
  • In-House Tool and Die Shop
  • Wire EDM
  • OEM Engineering Support
  • Deburring
  • Drilling
  • Tapping (over 10MM holes tapped per year)
  • Plating
  • Heat Treating
  • Welding
  • Stamping Presses 35 ton to 350 ton


  • Ferrous and Nonferrous Metals
  • Aluminum
  • Brass
  • Copper
  • Galvanized
  • Galvannealed
  • Cold Rolled Steel
  • Hot Rolled Steel
  • Stainless Steel*

*Belmet specializes in Deep Drawn Stainless Steel Parts


For over 90 years we have been providing Precision Metal Stamping to clients in a wide range of industries including aerospace, appliance, automotive, beverage, defense, display, fire control, food processing, furniture, government, HVAC, heating and cooling, lighting, hardware, marine, municipal, OEM, point of purchase (POP), ship building, sign, transportation, and more. We are a full 9001 certified company and offer a full range of services including Stamping, Drilling, Tapping, In-House Tool and Die Shop, Plating, Deburring, Welding, OEM engineering support, CAD, and wire EDM.

Belmet: Providing Custom Precision Metal Stamping Nationwide

From our facility located in the Bronx, New York, Belmet offers Precision Metal Stamping for clients throughout the New England and the Northeast, including New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut as well as the Mid Atlantic states and nationwide. From New York to Illinois to Texas and California, Belmet is there for your Precision Metal Stamping needs.