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Pryton Steel Floor Plates

Pryton Steel Floor Plates
Diameter Height Gage Thickness Weight Part #
11 3/16 x 11 3/16 1″ 11 GA 6 lbs BEL-B111212
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Pryton Steel Floor Anchor Plates

Pryton steel anchor floor plates are utilized to benefit concrete floor surfaces with exceptional protection that extends their service life. These plates may be installed over old or new floors – in the case of old floors, a bonding layer of concrete is added. These plates are used in industrial applications that involve moving heavy loads across passageways and floors.

Pryton Plate Installation

The Pryton plate consists of 53 steel projections that provide a strong anchor of the plate in concrete, creating a solid and strong foundation of concrete combined with a smooth steel surface floor. The plates are set in concrete and join together in offsetting rows – in the same type of pattern used with foundation blocks on the wall.

Pryton Steel Floor Plate Applications

The steel floor plates are designed for use in some of the roughest industrial conditions including machine shops, printing plants, wire, rope, and cable plants, heavy equipment assembly plants, and mills.

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