High Quality Custom Stamped and Drawn Products

At Belmet Products, we offer stamping and deep drawing services to a variety of original equipment manufacturers (OEM) in the United States. Deep drawing and stamping have been the major services we offer since our inception in 1919. Our customer base includes a range of industrial and consumer entities in various industries, including retail, automotive, aerospace, defense, and more. We produce the custom metal products our customers need to fill their specific application requirements.

Precision Metal Stamping

Precision metal stamping consists of an industrial process that uses machinery equipped with dies to change flat sheet metal in either coil or blank form into desired custom shapes. The metal presses that perform this work can carry out other processes beyond stamping, including bending, notching, tooling, coiling, embossing, and more.

Precision metal stamping is widely used to manufacture many types of custom stamped products. The process can be carried out as a single stage operation in which the individual strokes of the press produce the desired shape on the sheet metal. Or, the process can consist of a series of stages made in a progressive die.

Precision stamping is used extensively in the production of precise metal parts. With the machinery and dies set, this stamping process can operate in a highly automated and efficient manner, providing two important benefits:

Deep Drawn Product Manufacturing

One of the most commonly utilized methods in sheet metal forming is deep drawing. This method is used to form metal components and products deeper than the standard metal stamping process can achieve. It is used in a range of different industries, and particularly in the automotive, manufacturing, and house appliance industries.

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